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Melanie Travis Mysteries, by Laurien Berenson

I love finding a new-to-me author that has already written a series of books. It gives me several books available to enjoy, and I don’t have to wait impatiently for the next book to be written! I am grateful I found the Melanie Travis dog mysteries by Laurien Berenson.

After receiving several recommendations, I read A Pedigree To Die For (Melanie Travis Mysteries), by Laurien Berenson. I really liked this book, the characters were multi-faceted, despite it being easy, light read. The main character has a 4 year old, and she actually enjoys being with him. And he acts 4, not like a mini-adult. My only quibble with the book is that the main character had a gut feeling, and it was wrong. I can see the need for that from a plot perspective, but I feel strongly about trusting your gut feelings, especially as a mom. It is a minor quibble, though – it was a very engaging, interesting read. As a bonus, I learned a lot about Standard Poodles, and would now be willing to consider having one (if/when our current dogs pass away – I am not getting another dog anytime soon!). This was a wonderful first book in the series, leaving you wanting to read the rest of the books.

Due to a mixup in the library’s InterLibrary Loan system, I received the third book before the second in the series. I started Dog Eat Dog (Melanie Travis Mysteries) with a little trepidation – I never like reading a series out of order. I soon got past that annoyance, as the novel drew me in quickly. This book had none of the annoyances that had bothered me with the first book.

Dog Eat Dog has an intriguing murder, with many twists that left me guessing whodunnit. There are also interesting side-stories where the ex-husband comes back to get to know his son, and the main character’s relationship with her boyfriend (which was kept PG). It all read very realistic, but fascinating. And yet again I became more interested in Standard Poodles and how the dog show world works.

I am looking forward to receiving the second book in the series, and then reading the subsequent books. If you enjoy lightweight, fun mysteries, and have an interest in children and dogs, this series is a great choice.

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