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Sneaking in Science & Dinosaurs

My girls never became dinosaur-obsessed like most kids. I honestly think I find dinosaurs more interesting than they do most of the time. However, they do love science and mysteries/detective stories. So even though it was about dinosaurs, they were fascinated by Did Dinosaurs Eat Pizza?: Mysteries Science Hasn’t Solved, by Lenny Hort, illustrated by John O’Brien. It is an entertaining book that talks about dinosaurs, rather than a dinosaur book that tries too hard to be entertaining, so a great storytime book.

We’ve now read in 3 times in less than a week. The cover picture of a T-Rex eating a little dinosaur pizza is so eye-catching, and the pictures inside the book are just as wonderful. There’s a great picture of two reddish dinosaurs courting, making their bodies in the shape of a heart. And you can’t beat a page that has the plates on a Stegosaurus serving as a billboard!

This book asks many more questions than it answers. The lack of concrete information made one member of the family a little anxious, but the approach taken by the book is to encourage asking questions and thinking outside the box when coming up with answers. The combination of the information written and the enchanting pictures makes this a book you want to keep picking up. I even caught my husband reading it this afternoon!

This book entertained all members of the family (3-35), and earns 5+ stars.

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