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Notorious – spectacular suspense

Notorious is Michele Martinez‘s newest suspense mystery novel. An intense mix of thriller, suspense, legal mystery, and some sexy bits, Notorious is a novel you should only pick up if you don’t have any pressing engagements. I recommend a nice cup of tea, a cozy chair, a fleece blanket, and a dog to warm your toes while you read about federal prosecutor Melanie Vargus’s latest case.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to Martinez’s writing, Notorious pull you into the plot within moments. I haven’t (yet) read the earlier books, and yet I felt completely caught up on the life of prosecutor Melanie Vargus and the threads that intertwine her with the other characters. Personally and professionally, Melanie has a lot going on in this novel. She’s working a very high profile case, the opposing counsel is a man she’s long admired and considered dating, there are links to drug lords and terrorism in her case, she’s still trying to get over her last relationship, and she’s trying to find more time in her schedule for her 2 year old daughter.

While the plot is what engages everyone in a mystery, sometimes with a large cast you can get lost, confused which character did what. In Notorious, Martinez has created a large cast, but she has written each character with depth and skill, so their personalities shine through quickly. Martinez uses the third person to help us get a feeling for each character, and get a peek into their minds. While that perspective can be used to keep the reader at a distance, in this case it makes us care for each character, and see why some of them have taken wrong turns. Martinez has an incredible skill for character, I felt as if I had known all of her charactes for years as soon as I “met” them. I’m now impatient to read their extended backstories in the other novels.

Have you started to feel that some of your former favorite mystery authors aren’t writing as well as they used to? Or perhaps you just need a fresh take on female characters and crime? If you’ve been disappointed recently by another mystery, don’t worry about this one. The pace of Notorious is fast, filled with drama in the courtroom, out-of-court investigations, and you’re on the edge of your seat, wracking your brain to try to figure out who dunnit and how they did it. Martinez weaves suspicion between several characters, with red herrings and coincidences conspiring to keep the reader guessing. She plays fair, though, there are dots you can check back on, no deus ex machina plot resolutions here! I will be reading Michele Martinez‘s earlier novels as soon as I can, she has created plots and characters in Notorious that blew me away.

I’ve been chatting up Notorious to everyone I see since I read it, but I’m totally serious that if you haven’t read any of Michele Martinez‘s novels, you’re missing out. If you’re familiar with her work, why haven’t you picked up her newest release? Go grab it now! While I strongly recommend checking out Notorious, you don’t have to take my word for it that Notorious is going to pull you in quickly; read the first two chapters of Notorious and see for yourself!

Impatient? Pick up Martinez’s earlier books (Most Wanted, Cover-up, and The Finishing School) for your Kindle, and read them right away!

This book was received from the publisher for review