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You’ll be sorry … if you skip this book!

You’ll Be Sorry by author/illustrator Josh Schneider is a cute tale about why you’ll be sorry if you do something naughty to your little brother or sister. Let’s be honest, parents, how often have you said “You’ll be sorry if you …”? But why exactly will the child be sorry? My parents always said that I’d be sorry because my brother would grow up to be bigger than me. I was four years older, so that wasn’t an immediate incentive.

Josh Schneider has taken the frequent parent quote and turned it into a cute children’s story that has a moral without overdoing it. On the first page, Schneider writes:

“Don’t hit your brother, or you’ll be sorry,” said samantha’s parents. But Samantha liked to hit her brother, and did not think she’d be sorry. She thought she would be very sorry not to hit him

With this as the introduction to the story, all three of my girls (4, 7, 9) were hooked. Who hasn’t thought that? Maybe only children, or people who never get angry. Schneider hooks us with honest feelings…

And then he takes it to a whole other level of silliness and fun! Samantha, predictibly, doesn’t listen to her parents. Thankfully, the hitting happens off-screen, Schneider illustrates it only with an empty room and her brother’s “Waaaaaaah”. I was waiting for the parental response in You’ll Be Sorry, but what actually happened surprised me – Samantha’s brother begins to cry and won’t stop. He cries and cries, water pouring from his eyes as the family first needs galoshes, and then a rowboat, and as the house floods, her brother is still crying buckets of water. This is when the crying really starts to affect Samantha – she has to leave her room and her soccer game is canceled.

Schneider illustrates You’ll Be Sorry with a long-nosed white mouse family that has very human facial expressions, including the sly look on Samantha’s face right before she hits her brother. Schneider also has many pages that don’t include Samantha’s family, but propel the story: fish swimming in the tears, a waterfall on the stairs, seahorses near the soccer goal, and the flooded homes. The pages are all filled with the green-colored water, with red boots, clothes, or fish as accents. The end result is illustrations that focus on the story rather than detract attention from the storyline.

Of course, by the end of You’ll Be Sorry, Samantha is sorry she hit her brother, and she might just be sorry enough not to repeat her behavior. Will it make an impact on your young miscreants sweethearts? Perhaps. One can hope. Even if it doesn’t make any impact on squabbling siblings, it’s a fun story with sweet illustrations that kids will enjoy and a moral that will help the parents read it for the 426th time!

All of us here at A Gaggle of Book Reviews recommend picking up a copy of You’ll Be Sorry!

This book was received from the publisher for review