Bye Bye van!

We’ve been having so much fun during our vacation with NannyOgg and her crew! I love being with her, and her kids are amazing. It’s also wonderful to see our kids becoming great friends. All you folks who went south for spring break are missing out – all the fun is up north! I mean, really, how often do you get to see a 15 passenger van get hauled up on a tow truck?


I don’t quite know how we fit so much into one day yesterday, though! The day started with the van breaking down, of course. Thankfully, it happened in the driveway, so no one was stranded. We managed to adapt our plans, so we still got to go have fun. There was a little extra-special fun when NannyOgg and I went out by ourselves to the thrift and grocery stores. After shopping with six hunry kids the day before, it was blissful. Before we left the house with the kids, NannyOgg‘s oldest daughter, D, spent time curling BG’s hair. I never thought it would work, because she has very straight, thick hair, but it turned out beautifully! She looks lovely, and seems so grown up!

all in a row

NannyOgg remembered that the birthplace of the prophet Joseph Smith is not very far from her house, and would be a great combination of Geocaching and a place for the girls and I to learn more about the heritage of our Church. We had a great time, learned a lot from the wonderful couples missionaries who were there, and took a few pictures. As a bonus, the kids could run around on the grounds, and there’s beautiful music in the background. We’re hoping to go back later in the spring or in the summer to see the flowers in bloom. I highly recommend visiting the memorial if you’re in the area – Mormon or not, it’s beautiful and interesting.

The gaggle posing

Out of all those pictures, I loved many of them, including the one on the left of me with the girls. It’s great to be with friends so I’m not the only one taking pictures! It means that I’m actually in some of the pics! It’s amazing. When we got home after spending the afternoon running around, we had a girls night in. We did feed everyone first – with stir fry and ice cream. The adults loved the stir fry, and the children loved the rice and ice cream.

Nails - girls night in

We had quite the crowd for the girls night in – my 3 girls, NannyOgg‘s girls, a visiting friend, and NannyOgg‘s youngest son, who wanted to do his fingernails, too. We got 4 new colors of nail polish, and then made sure we had a lot of nail polish remover to fix the accidents that happen when littles paint their own nails. We also had some fun with hair dye… but those reveal pictures will have to wait for some sunlight, it was too cloudy today for good pictures. We all had so much fun, and also totally my fault. I’m clearly a bad influence, inciting wild parties with nail polish and hair dye!

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