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You’re bound to love the novel Bound to Love Her

When you’ve been reading romantic paranormal novels for a while, there’s a point where you think you’ve seen every storyline. Prepare yourself for something new this time, a concept I haven’t seen in print in about 15 years, and an execution that is engaging, endearing, and unique. Bound To Love Her is a novel in which the worlds of the elves and the humans collide by new author Esri Rose. If you aren’t accustomed to paranormals, you’ll want to give this a try, as it doesn’t require as much of a suspension of disbelief as many other novels in this genre.

In Bound To Love Her, the elf and human worlds collide when Erin is walking her neighbor’s dog and happens upon a handsome injured man in the park. She helps him up off the ground, and ends up bringing him to her house before bringing him to the hospital with her housemate. While Erin’s housemate Jed is collecting his things, Erin brushes Galen’s hair off his face and uncovers his pointed ear, and Erin learning that elves are among us.

Galen had been injured by a poaching elf, Fellseth, when he broke Galen’s bond with his land (the public park), and took it for himself. When Erin happened upon him, Galen ended up bound to her energy rather than energy from the land, thereby saving his life. Once they are bonded, Galen can’t find a way to un-bind them, so he needs to stay very close to Erin, or else he becomes quite ill. As they spend more and more time together, Erin and Galen find that they are attracted to eachother, and their relationship becomes more complicated. Do they really want the bond to be broken?

Bound To Love Her is not just a romance, though, the underlying storyline has intrigue and suspense that keep you turning the pages. The elves need to find out why Fallseth stole Galen’s land, stop him from stealing land from other elves, and uncover mysteries that lie in the elf world and the human world. Elves are not used to working with humans, so Erin needs to fight long-standing prejudices as she tries to help Galen and his people.

Esri Rose has created a world of elves that feels incredibly realistic in Bound To Love Her. The next time I’m in a state park I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a glimpse of an elf! The characters are also very realistic; Erin’s thoughts about Galen could be coming from any woman with an incredibly gorgeous elf sitting nearby. When Galen’s elven world and Erin’s human world mix, the elven powers over humans are fascinating, and the personalities of all the characters jump off the page.

In addition to having a storyline that will keep you hooked, Bound To Love Her is currently available as a special value for $3.99, which makes it an easy choice for adding to your Amazon shopping cart!

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